[E-voting] Appeals to the Information Commisioner - progress

Shane Hogan shane at askaboutmoney.com
Tue Oct 31 08:04:31 GMT 2006

Joe - Many congratulations to you for sticking to this painful drawn-out
issue like a dog with a bone. You have made a huge personal contribution to
the preservation of democracy - more so than many full-time elected


I don't have a lot to say in response to your questions that Colm hasn't
already covered. Your response could emphasise the fallacy of even
attempting to implement security through obscurity, and could offer security
through openness/transparency as a superior alternative option. So releasing
of the records will ultimately improve the security of the voting system.
You should point out that their role is to protect the overall democratic
system, not the Nedap system. Any information which comes into the public
domain as a result of your enquiries which allow the Nedap system to be
hacked will protect the overall system.


As a side issue, the language in the letter seems somewhat vague and
imprecise for a civil servant, i.e. "It seems to me". Perhaps you should get
the investigator to confirm that he/she is writing on behalf of the office
and not on a personal basis. This may help to ensure that this case gets
some visibility 'up the line' in their office.


Hope this helps - Shane

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