[E-voting] Did Irish Computer Scientist Association express themself on eVoting?

Joe McCarthy joe.mccarthy at arkaon.com
Sun Sep 24 23:07:04 IST 2006


Many established members of the IT profession in Ireland came out 
against electronic voting independently of the ICS.

The ICS submission to the CEV stated:

> (1) Accuracy.
> In the absence of an independent means of verifying every exercise of the
> Nedap/Powervote system, its accuracy in ongoing use, as distinct from 
> occasional
> test, is undeterminable by design and therefore the accuracy of every 
> result it
> produces will be unknown.
> The only practical means of carrying out such verification is by a 
> voter verified audit
> trail. Such an audit trail also has the advantage of unequivocally 
> demonstrating to the
> voters, many of whom will have little or no knowledge of computers, 
> that their votes
> have been accurately recorded. Furthermore, it protects the electoral 
> officials and
> makers of the voting systems against disputes about the accuracy of 
> election counts,
> which in the absence of an audit trail will be impossible to disprove, 
> but which will
> cast unanswerable doubts on the results.

> It is the unanimous view of the electronic voting committee of the Irish
> Computer Society that under no circumstances whatsoever should any 
> electronic
> voting system be implemented which does not include a voter verified 
> audit trail.

> (2) Secrecy.
> . It is impossible to understand why the opportunity to extend the 
> right of
> voting secretly to the visually impaired has not been taken, 
> particularly since
> the Nedap voting machine is specifically designed to facilitate this.
> . The inability to abstain secretly using the Nedap machine is a worrying
> diminution of the right to cast one's vote as one sees fit in secret.

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