[E-voting] Yet another question about the cost of the Irish system...

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Mon Sep 25 22:22:53 IST 2006

It appear that some Belgian lobbyist frequently quote the number of 52m€
for the Irish system.

This was copy&past in some french speaking newspaper.

For once I am not 100% confident about the actual cost.

I know that this issue was already discussed a lot on this list.

I remember there are many cost and hidden cost such as:
-* Cost of the aquisition
-* Cost of the marketting campain ("simple as push on a button")
-* Cost of the initial testing before the full aquisition
-* Cost of storage (current and futur)
-* Cost of fixing the software
-* Potential cost of adding the printer

But I don't know where the number "52" is coming from and what would be
most accurate things to say without getting into too much detail but
still be close to the reality.

Do you have any one line or two liner statement about what was/will be
spend on this system?

I hope to find an explanation for the "52" that does not contradict too
much what was said by other people from PourEVA.


PS: Here is what I did with ICS statement:
-* http://www.poureva.be/article.php3?id_article=81
-* http://www.poureva.be/article.php3?id_article=336

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