[E-voting] Bertie: Lack of e-voting a disgrace

Casey, Dermot (GE Money) Dermot.Casey at ge.com
Wed Apr 25 13:16:01 IST 2007

Given the items below together with the Justin's posting on France its clear

1) Bertie still doesn't have a clue about technology and the associated risks
2) He does get it and is bemoaning the opportunity to rig the elections ....

Berties problem with pencils and non high tech solutions speaks clearly to some deep
Seated insecurity and lack of confidence. 

We should also note only 1.5Million of 44Million French voters used e-voting 
and that they had an 85% turnout rate ....

If he's worried about a high tech nation he could put some more efforts into
...Broadband penetration and PC Penetration
...Digital Television
...Technology for Schools
...Use of Technology in Hospitals etc... etc...



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Subject: Netcraft Data for Ohio Secretary of State Web site

"Netcraft is showing that an event happened in the Ohio 2004 election that is difficult to explain. The Secretary of State's website, which handles election reporting, normally is directed to an Ohio-based IP address hosted by the Ohio Supercomputer Center. On Nov. 3 2004, Netcraft shows the website pointing out of state to a server owned by Smartech Corp. According to the American Registry on Internet Numbers, Smartech's block of IP addresses - encompasses the entire range of addresses owned by the Republican National Committee. Smartech hosted the recently notorious gbw43.com domain used from the White House in apparent violation of the Presidential Records Act, from which thousands of White House e-mails vanished. Can anyone suggest a good explanations for this seemingly dubious election-eve transfer?"


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Subject: Audit Finds Many Faults in Cleveland's 2006 Voting

An audit of the November 2006 general election in the Cleveland area has found that hundreds of votes were lost, others were recorded twice, and software used to count the ballots was vulnerable to data problems.
[Source: Bob Driehaus, *The New York Times*, 20 Apr 2007; PGN-ed]

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Lack of e-voting a disgrace, says Ahern
Wednesday, 25 April 2007 11:51

The Taoiseach has told the Dáil he was embarrassed by the fact the we did not have an electronic voting system when he watched the French election results come in within two hours.

He said he apologised to the people of Meath where he had been visiting at the time, and said in a technologically advanced country we were going back to the 'peann luaidhe'.

Mr Ahern said that with 'a bit of luck' our election would be finished within five days.

The Taoiseach blamed the Opposition for the electronic voting machines lying unused and said if they had not played politics with the issue we would not be the laughing stock of Europe.

He said if they had taken a mature attitude to a voting system which had worked, we would have electronic voting and it was a disgrace.

Labour Party leader, Pat Rabbitte criticised the EUR62m overspend on electronic voting machines.
He said this Government had presided over huge waste and the Comptroller and Auditor General had estimated that the cost of storing these machines was about EUR1m a year. 

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