[E-voting] Bertie: Lack of e-voting a disgrace

David GLAUDE (PourEVA) dglaude at poureva.be
Wed Apr 25 21:13:56 IST 2007

The speed of (unofficial) result availability is France is not due to
electronic voting, only to the type of election and the large margin
between the candidate.

There were 12 candidates for the first round, only 4 of them had any
chance to be one of the two winner for the second round.

Election result can be guessed by:
* Opinion Poll on the day before or the day of the election
* Exit Poll (where people know what they did vote)
* First result from place with early closed poll station (18H00 in some
french location while Paris and other place closed officialy at 20H00
and were left open due to queue due both to high turnout and electronic

The french law deny for french media the publication of any opinion poll
the day before the election and the publication of any "result" before
20H00 (the official latest time of closure).

However Belgium does not have to obey those media rule. We had the
result around 18H00 then more precise based on real partial result
around 18H55.

The marging between first and second and second and 3rd are so high that
only a statistical odd could have make those unofficial result go wrong.

I guess you know very well how and why your STV is much more slow to
produce the official result.

I hope it help debunking silly statement from the ministry of ???.


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> Lack of e-voting a disgrace, says Ahern
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> The Taoiseach has told the Dáil he was embarrassed by the fact the we
> did not have an electronic voting system when he watched the French
> election results come in within two hours.

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