[E-voting] Bertie: Lack of e-voting a disgrace

Margaret McGaley mmcgaley at cs.nuim.ie
Thu Apr 26 10:28:47 IST 2007


On 4/25/07, Aengus Lawlor <aengusl at eircom.net> wrote:
> Bertie is once again making deliberately misleading statements in the Dail
> (only 3% of Frence voters used electronic voting).
> The Opposition should be highlighting Berties "fast and loose" way with the
> truth, particulary in his statements in the Dail. They're wasting their
> time, and ours, rehashing old arguments about wasted money. Everyone has
> heard all those areguments before, and it's unlikely that anyone's minds
> will be changed on the issue at this point. But highlighting Berties "Fact
> Lite" approach to the issue, with a simple list of the top 10 misleading
> statements made by Fianna Fail ministers in the Dail on the issue would be
> far more effective than banging on the 52 million euro drum.
> Aengus
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