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27 April 2007

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Voting Integrity Group Demands Investigation of Voting Machine Manufacturer

Voting integrity advocates in Schoharie County have invoked a little known =
state purchasing protocol which requires the state Board of Elections to un=
dertake an investigation of the corporate responsibility of Liberty Electio=
n Systems and Nedap/Groenendaal of The Netherlands. Nedap/Groenendaal manuf=
actures an electronic voting machine being marketed in New York State by Li=
berty Election Systems.

The investigation demand was issued by The Voting Integrity Project of The =
Peacemakers of Schoharie County after the project learned of seriously unet=
hical conduct by the Groenendaal software firm=92s CEO.

"Through freedom of information law discovery undertaken by Dutch voting in=
tegrity activists we learned that a principal in the Nedap/Groenendaal cons=
ortium attempted to extort the Dutch government by threatening to disrupt t=
he elections this past fall" said Voting Integrity Project Coordinator Wayn=
e Stinson.

The Nedap machine is used in ninety percent of election districts in The Ne=
therlands and the Dutch government has become dependent upon the software f=
irm for management of their elections.

The complaint lodged by the project details efforts by Mr. Jan Groenendaal =
to prevent the Dutch Election Ministry from appointing the leader of a voti=
ng integrity group to a newly formed committee studying the election proces=
s in The Netherlands, and to compel the Dutch government to purchase his co=
mpany. In both cases Groenendaal threatened to withhold his company=92s coo=
peration during the elections. =

"The New York State Comptroller=92s Office Procurement and Disbursement Gui=
delines require state agencies to investigate the responsibility of vendors=
 before a contract is awarded. We are insisting that the New York State Boa=
rd of Elections investigate the responsibility of Liberty/Nedap/Groenendaal=
 before accepting them as a vendor. We believe this consortium does not des=
erve the trust of New York voters." Stinson said. =

The Voting Integrity Project and other election integrity organizations hav=
e previously criticized the Liberty, and electronic voting machines general=
ly, because of security concerns. The state Board of Elections had begun vo=
ting system certification last year but testing is presently suspended and =
no systems have been approved.

Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have=
 read this message without warning, warrant, or notice, and certainly witho=
ut probable cause. They may do this without judicial or legislative oversig=
ht. You have no recourse nor protection save to demand for the impeacement =
of the President.
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