[E-voting] YouGov survey

Dr J Pelan J.Pelan at gatsby.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Apr 30 12:07:54 IST 2007

This is worth a mention - 46% of UK people polled say that remote e-voting 
would make them more likely to turnout.


"The YouGov poll of almost 2,300 people, carried out on behalf of 
NTL:Telewest's business unit, found that younger voters were even more 
positive about the idea of alternatives to the trusty ballot box. 57 per 
cent of 18-34 year olds liked the idea of evoting, but only a third of the 
over 55s were as keen."

I had hoped that the recent debacle about 'phone competitions would make 
people more conscious of the fact that what you think is going on at the 
end of some link is not necessarily what actually is happening. Alas, the 
mental leap is clearly too much for the youth of today. I suspect the line 
of questioning was entirely naive and no prospect of risk was raised.
John P.

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