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Jason Kitcat jason at jasonkitcat.com
Mon Apr 30 12:19:02 IST 2007

On 30 Apr 2007, at 12:07, Dr J Pelan wrote:
> I had hoped that the recent debacle about 'phone competitions would  
> make
> people more conscious of the fact that what you think is going on  
> at the
> end of some link is not necessarily what actually is happening.  
> Alas, the
> mental leap is clearly too much for the youth of today. I suspect  
> the line
> of questioning was entirely naive and no prospect of risk was raised.

Of course no mention of risk was raised... <sigh> In my experience  
people by default favour e-voting but after 5 minutes explaining why  
e-voting is different to e-commerce they change their mind.

Again any social scientist knows that asking people what they will do  
in the future is a meaningless exercise. Still it seems to work when  
it comes to getting cheap PR for NTL :-(

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