[E-voting] RE: Damovo bullshit survey on the loose

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Thu Aug 2 14:25:19 IST 2007

On Thu 02 Aug 2007, Shane Hogan wrote:

> Looks like John McCabe's email address can be found at
> http://www.nicci.co.uk/members-directory/1821/ if anyone would care to
> educate him?

I think you are foolish to adopt that tone.
Do you think the questions in the survey were misleading?
Or the survey was improperly conducted in some way?

I think the drop in the percentage of people voting in general elections, 
particularly young people, _is_ worrying.
As it happens, I don't think electronic voting machines are the answer -
eg because experience in the UK does not support the view
that use of voting machines would increase the vote.
But that is a different matter.

I think politicians are largely to blame;
I belong to the Labour Party, and in my view
the organisation of that party needs a radical overhaul,
in order to attract new members.
I'm sure the same is true of the other parties.

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