[E-voting] RE: Damovo bullshit survey on the loose

Fergal Daly fergal at esatclear.ie
Thu Aug 2 15:22:28 IST 2007

On 02/08/07, Timothy Murphy <tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie> wrote:
> On Thu 02 Aug 2007, Shane Hogan wrote:
> > Looks like John McCabe's email address can be found at
> > http://www.nicci.co.uk/members-directory/1821/ if anyone would care to
> > educate him?
> I think you are foolish to adopt that tone.
> Do you think the questions in the survey were misleading?
> Or the survey was improperly conducted in some way?

The tone doesn't bother me too much for two reasons.

The survey was commissioned by a company who specialise in providing
exactly the services covered by the survey so it is purely a
commercial stunt.

Mr McCabe seems (willfully?) clueless about the differences in
security requirements for voting. From the link

"If you can do your tax returns online, why can't you vote online?"
asked John McCabe, chief executive of Damovo Ireland.

The answer of course is that if someone hijacks your computer and
submits incorrect tax returns for you, you will (1) know about it and
(2) be able to remedy the situation.

His quotes on the subject are along the same lines as the nonsense
from powervote and FF last time around and so I don't see why he
deserves any respect,


> I think the drop in the percentage of people voting in general elections,
> particularly young people, _is_ worrying.
> As it happens, I don't think electronic voting machines are the answer -
> eg because experience in the UK does not support the view
> that use of voting machines would increase the vote.
> But that is a different matter.
> I think politicians are largely to blame;
> I belong to the Labour Party, and in my view
> the organisation of that party needs a radical overhaul,
> in order to attract new members.
> I'm sure the same is true of the other parties.
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