[E-voting] RE: Damovo bullshit survey on the loose

Shane Hogan shane at askaboutmoney.com
Thu Aug 2 18:31:30 IST 2007

On Thu 02 Aug 2007, Timothy McCabe wrote:

>I think you are foolish to adopt that tone.
>Do you think the questions in the survey were misleading?
>Or the survey was improperly conducted in some way?

Hi Tim. I think there is a lot more 'tone' in your post than in mine. The
glaring need for education is obvious in a number of areas;

- As you pointed out, the UK experience shows the eVoting does not increase
- Mr McCabe has no understanding of the unique requirements for both
anonymity and security which make the voting transaction unique, and quite
different to submission of tax returns or an ATM withdrawal.
- Mr McCabe has no understanding of the importance of the private, secure
ballot box in eliminating opportunities for duress voting, or buying and
selling of votes.
- Mr McCabe's proposed solution (voiceprint signatures) is not scalable for
a couple of million voters, has not been used anywhere else in the world,
and would exclude those people who cannot speak

>I think the drop in the percentage of people voting in general elections, 
>particularly young people, _is_ worrying.
>As it happens, I don't think electronic voting machines are the answer -
>eg because experience in the UK does not support the view
>that use of voting machines would increase the vote.
>But that is a different matter.

I agree that low turnout is indeed worrying, and that eVoting is not the
solution to this.

>I think politicians are largely to blame;
>I belong to the Labour Party, and in my view
>the organisation of that party needs a radical overhaul,
>in order to attract new members.
>I'm sure the same is true of the other parties.

I don't think any single group is to blame, and finger-pointing like this is
not conducive to finding an effective long-term solution. I agree that
Labour needs a radical overhaul, but I don't believe that overhauling Labour
will have a significant effect on the turnout of future elections.

Regards - Shane

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