[E-voting] Debra Bowen press conference on decertification of CA electronic voting machines

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Sat Aug 4 12:22:05 IST 2007

See this thread for more commentary and Brad Friedman's transcript of 
the brief Q&A press conference with California Secretary of State Debra 

One excerpt:
"Voters are victims of federal certification process that has not done a 
job of assuring machines are accurate, accessible, secure.

I reject the notion that I should not require changes in systems solely 
because we already own them. She compares it to a recall of cars....When 
NASA finds a problem, they don't continue just because they've already 
spent the money. They scrub the mission and spend the money to get it 
right. We must do same with elections.

"We have to be sure that our voting systems are secure, accurate and 
reliable and they shouldn't be used [just because we own them]."


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