[E-voting] details about ClearVoting

emanuele lombardi vote at electronic-vote.org
Wed Aug 29 15:42:12 IST 2007

A few months ago I presented ClearVoting, a practical implementation of the
Mercuri method.
As you may recall, most replies were negative.

I claimed that its software (ClearSoftware) ensures the easy detection of
any computing tricks that could produce unwanted results. I claimed it but I
didn't prove it and, as I should have known, this was a mistake. 

Now I've just published on the web all details how to write ClearSoftware
http://www.ClearVoting.com/detail_software_en.php and all details about
ClearVoting http://www.ClearVoting.com 

I know the purpose of the list is not to analyze new voting systems,
nevertheless I would really appreciate any remark from expert people like

Thank you very much for any help,

Emanuele Lombardi


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