[E-voting] details about ClearVoting

Casey, Dermot (GE Money) Dermot.Casey at ge.com
Thu Aug 30 11:30:54 IST 2007


To one of your points

[ Anyway voters need to trust something or somebody whichever is the
media used for voting. In traditional paper elections, as a voter, I
trust that votes will be properly counted and also that poll workers
will properly write the results onto the official statements. Voters,
unless they stay in the polling room all the time, also need to trust
parties representatives.]

Voters (well this voter) doesn't trust any one person, or thing. I trust
the system and the checks and balances that come from every element of
the system, particularly the parties and the groups watching each other
at the same time as they are counting the votes. Its certainly not
perfect but it is reasonably transparant and I can participate in it if
I want. I can't ever trust a single computer system. 



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