[E-voting] Thar She Blows!

Dr J Pelan J.Pelan at gatsby.ucl.ac.uk
Tue Jan 30 12:52:19 GMT 2007

On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, Louise Ferguson wrote:

> Following up on your previous points on this issue, John, regarding 
> leading this work via mainstream consumer, elections etc organisations, 

It sadly confirms what I said earlier; "the political and civil 
libertarian atmosphere in the UK has not been particularly receptive to 
e-voting issues" but it is good to see that you tried. That said, it 
doesn't bode very well because if we can't persuade those with insight and 
reputation regarding voting issues, then the general public won't be 
receptive either (although they might respond to simplistic FUD).

On the plus front, it is excellent to see that your group's wishy washy, 
neutral stance on e-voting has been totally abandoned. Hurrah! Where we 
had "e-voting options currently live in the UK are not a particularly good 
idea", we now have;

 "The Open Rights Group opposes the introduction of e-voting into our 
  democratic process"

Now you are now an organisation worth supporting because there's a 
concrete stance to align with. This is to be congratulated.

John P.

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