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On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 10:30:28AM +0000, Margaret McGaley wrote:
> Wow. I'd like to send this link on to our contacts on the press-release 
> list, but I don't think just sending on the link would be an appropriate 
> use of the list. Could we make a press release based on it?

I'd love to too, but I'm not sure how we go about it without it
seeming like a mere reprisal :/

Btw, I've been going over  Mr Groenendaal's testimony to the
committee here, and I found this;

	Chairman: Mr. Groenendaal spoke about not losing a vote. How are
	faults detected? What happens if 100 people vote for Deputy
	Gilmore, for example, and ten out of every 100 votes cast for
	him go to Deputy Andrews because of a fault in the system?

	Mr. Groenendaal: It can be detected by the so-called black books
	test, whereby one is sure that the machine one starts with
	performs as it should. A greater concern would be if 1,000
	people voted at a polling station and only 900 votes were
	registered in the electronic books. We never had any failure of
	this kind and we have a memorable record.

But that directly contradicts what Joe later found out via FoI. That
*exact* problem happened at least 3 times in the Irish trials, just over
a year before Mr. Groenendaal gave that testimony. 

Given the extent of this mans personal involvement, even operationally
involved on the day, this at best represents woeful ignorance to the
extent that it is either professional misconduct (he should have been
much more careful about making statements beyond his competency), or at
worst wilfull lying to our parliament (though I have no knowledge that
he actually lied). His testimony just simply does not reflect the
realities of how the trial went; he other doesn't know his own business,
or is willing to misrepresent it.

Another gem of a quote;

	"I have a reputation beyond Ireland in the election software
	field since 1982 and my capital is my reputation."

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