[E-voting] Fwd: questionnaire e-democracy

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Mon Mar 5 17:13:28 GMT 2007


The first page says, "E-democracy can be defined as the use of 
information and communication technologies, above all the Internet, in 
the policy-making process and the State-citizen relations in order to 
encourage a direct and more active citizen participation in public life 
and the decision-making process."

So it is vague as to whether or not it includes online voting.  (Perhaps 
it depends on what you said democracy means to you?)

The author's email address is ybreindl at ulb.ac.be

I'll cc her this post so she can see the confusion.  There is so much 
naivete and lack of technical knowledge about electronic voting and 
internet voting.  It sounds like such a good idea in theory, yet the 
risk to democracy is extreme.  Most people have no idea of how risky it 
actually is, probably including proponents of "e-democracy".


Fergal Daly wrote:
> I took a spin through this and had to answer "don't know" to
> everything on the last 2 pages because all the questions are "do you
> think e-democracy is ..." but nowhere is e-democracy defined. From the
> previous questions, I gather it's some combination of e-voting and
> using the internet to interact with the government. One of which I
> absolutely oppose, the other I think is a great idea,

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