[E-voting] Ney York City Leaders in Dublin

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Tue Mar 6 16:29:29 GMT 2007

ICTE Folks,

See news item below  "City Council Speaker Christine Quinn...."

If anyone on this list is in Dublin or might be at the parade or in the city 
it would be great if you could make contact with the New York City Council 
representatives and tell them about your experience with and opinion of 
electronic voting.

New York City, as well as the rest of the state of New York, are in the 
midst of deciding what kind of voting system we will have. The NYC lawmakers 
ought to be interested to hear about your experiences.

Wayne Stinson - USA

NY Daily News - Originally published on March 5, 2007

Quinn to march in Ireland

      City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who for years has boycotted the
city's St. Patrick's Day Parade because it bans gay groups, said yesterday
she will head to Dublin to march there.
      "I hope this sends a message that [gays marching in the parade] is a
nonissue," said Quinn, who is Irish and openly gay. "Marching in Ireland as
opposed to standing on the sidelines in New York City sends a much stronger

      Quinn will join Dublin's parade with her father and a contingent of
City Council members.

      Last year, Quinn tried unsuccessfully to broker a deal with organizers
of the city's parade to allow gay groups.

      In Dublin, Quinn (D-Manhattan) said, she will wear a sticker or button
that identifies her as Irish and gay with a pink triangle and shamrock.
Similar stickers would be barred from the Fifth Ave. parade.

      "Irish-Americans and Irish people in Ireland are incredibly open and
inclusive," said Quinn. "The discriminatory stance of the Fifth Ave. parade
is really a thing of the past."

      The trip is being paid for by the Conference for American Ireland

      Lisa L. Colangelo

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