[E-voting] RE: E-voting Digest, Vol 47, Issue 2

Craig Burton caburt at alphalink.com.au
Fri Mar 9 21:57:03 GMT 2007

It's is the mutual distrust among partisan operators and observers we 
can rely on.  This is why there are usually two or more people at each 
observable step,

Catherine Ansbro wrote:
> Well-said.
> Distrust and careful citizen observation are what will protect democracy.
> Catherine
> Jay Corrales wrote:
>> Thanks to Yana for the thought provoking survey.  My comments on the 
>> issue
>> of trust:
>> I do not believe distrust is an issue in using any medium for 
>> democracy, but
>> rather an asset.  Someone wise once told me that we must be extremely
>> skeptical, even distrusting of our elections through every step of the
>> process... until we obtain the result.  It is then, if we have done 
>> our job
>> to scrutinize and correct the flaws in the system, that we can again 
>> have
>> trust in our democracy.
>> -Jay Corrales
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