[E-voting] INN interview - any volunteers

cansbro at eircom.net cansbro at eircom.net
Fri May 4 15:49:57 IST 2007

I just taped an interview with Stephen Carol for INN radio news.  The focus
was the implication of the Scottish roll-out for the future for electronic
voting in Ireland.

This will get picked up by local radio stations in Ireland from 7pm
onwards; items could air later tonight or also tomorrow morning.

If anyone hears it, please comment.


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From: cansbro at eircom.net cansbro at eircom.net
Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 08:09:54 -0400
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Subject: RE: [E-voting] INN interview - any volunteers

Yes I am available.  I am not familiar with the Scottish system and the
specific problems they are having.

I could speak about the problems in Ireland, US and Netherlands,
however--and the fact that when electronic counting systems are used, the
occurrence of major problems is common.  Even more importantly, there is
the risk of loss of transparency and lack of citizens' ability to observe
vote counting in any meaningful way.  There is no way to know whether or
not the results are accurate unless extensive hand auditing has been done. 
Inadequate testing for security, accuracy and reliability seems to be a
common factor as well.

In the UK there have been problems with chain of custody in relation to
ballot boxes.  The answer to this problem is not to go electronic!  The
procedural problems with electronic are broader, the risk of tampering is
greater because more results can potentially be affected, and the
likelihood of timely discovery of errors is poorer.  Election officials
themselves are often unaware of the risks.  Election officials also are
often reluctant to admit that problems occurred (except when they are too
big to hide).

Not to mention the economic issues--and that fact that when there are
problems, election results are delayed rather than being faster.


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From: Margaret McGaley mmcgaley at cs.nuim.ie
Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 12:05:42 +0100
To: e-voting at lists.stdlib.net
Subject: [E-voting] INN interview - any volunteers

Hi all,

Is anyone free to do a quick phone interview with INN about the issues
in Scotland?


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