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My name is Emanuele Lombardi, I'm Italian and I oppose to e-voting in
http://www.electronic-vote.org <http://www.electronic-vote.org/> .


After fighting e-voting for four years, I worked out a voting system that,
combining the good points of paper voting with those of electronic voting,
guarantees quick, honest and verifiable results.  It uses a minimum level of
electronics and it based upon the monitoring of the public in such a way
that it eliminates ALL the risks that current e-voting systems pose to


I named my voing system "ClearVoting" and I submitted it some US and
European vendors of voting machines. They could not find any drawback of the
system but its low cost (!) and its excessive openness to the monitoring of
the public opinion (!). Because of the above "defects" no company has yet
invested in the system. 


Info about my system are here: http://www.clearvoting.com

I'd apreciate any remarks about the system.


Emanuele Lombardi



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