[E-voting] Election Day T-Shirt

David GLAUDE (PourEVA) dglaude at poureva.be
Fri May 11 20:10:09 IST 2007

We have been there and have done that since I am a member of PourEVA.


Only one of us was administratively arrested for until the end of the
voting day. Actually he was denied the right to vote... but that is not
a problem since he wanted to refuse to vote using those computer.

To tell the truth, he was not wearing one of our printed T-Shirt since
he not able to acquire or make one. So he took a printed piece of paper
and attached that on a white T-Shirt.

He was asked to remove that. He refused and so he was arrested.

The good news is that his wife directly contacted us, we sended a
message to the press and the TV and other journalist where there to
report that event.

At every other place and occasion, those wearing our T-Shirt did not
have any problem at all.

I really don't think that it is a bad idea to print such T-Shirt, but
make sure you think twice about what you want to print.


Wesley wrote:
> Hi,
> In light of recent comments about it being embarrassing that Ireland still uses
> pencils instead of our e-voting machines, I've been thinking about getting a 
> t-shirt printed for polling day to wear to my polling station to
> highlight the issue of e-voting. Going to go for something simple like maybe
> an image of a pencil and a slogan "Better a trustworthy pencil than an insecure
> machine". Do people think this is a good idea? And would anyone else like
> to get involved in this? Any design ideas also welcome.
> Regards,
> Wesley

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