[E-voting] a new voting system

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Fri May 11 22:12:45 IST 2007

vote wrote:
> ***I *named my voing system “ClearVoting” and I submitted it some US 
> and European vendors of voting machines. They could not find any 
> drawback of the system but its *low cost (!)* and its *excessive 
> *openness* to the monitoring of the public opinion (!)*. Because of 
> the above "defects" no company has yet invested in the system.
It seems to depend on something called ClearSoftware, but when you try 
to find out what that is
you get this:

"Since ClearSoftware^® is patented, its details are not shown here"

Being patented, is not a reason not to disclose
how it works. So, nobody is going to trust your system, if you don't
tell people how it works.

- Michael

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