[E-voting] Re: Re: a new voting system

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Thu May 17 14:15:14 IST 2007

Hi Michael.
I decided not to disclose details about ClearSoftware
because I'm looking for companies willing to invest in it
and I want to give them the competitive advantage they
deserve. Despite the lack of disclosed details, I'm sure
that the good points of ClearVoting can be evaluated
assuming that ClearSoftware really works as I claim:

"ClearSoftware is a patent-pending method of writing,
producing, publishing, distributing, installing and running
software that ensures the total absence of any computing
tricks that could produce unwanted results. ClearSoftware
allows the easy verification of such absence to anybody with
a small knowledge of computing. ClearSoftware is not only
applications software but also the whole operating
environment in which they are executed  To be ClearSoftware
compliant, a software must be 100% Open Source and it must
adhere to several constraints". 


Hi Fergal,
ClearVoting is nothing else than offline PCs that print the
vote cast by each voter. Of course each PC also counts the
votes it prints, but that's all its software has to do.
Besides being very simple, the software is also written and
distributed according to the ClearSoftware method (see
above). In this way I overcome the problem of the Mercuri
method because the code running on each PC can be truly

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