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Andrew Ó Baoill andrew at funferal.org
Mon May 21 12:23:29 IST 2007

I responded earlier, but from a non-subscribed address, so it's stuck  
in moderation (or has just died silently), so I append my response  


I know in Galway you need a ticket. Candidates are given a certain  
number each by the returning officers, but generally need these for  
their tally-persons. (In Galway parties will need 25+ people running  
their tallies.)

The Returning Officer (at least in Galway) will also give out tickets  
to others on request - though I've only ever used this when  
representing a media outlet, so don't know how difficult it is to  
wrangle one as a private individual. Depending on the venue tickets  
can be in short supply. In Galway, again, tickets seem more easily  
obtained this year than in previous years (perhaps due to the change  
in venue). For Galway, call the office of Marian Chambers Higgins at  
(091) 562340 or email at GalwayCC at Courts.ie

If it's difficult to get tickets as an individual, it may be possible  
to ask for some on behalf of ICTE, as a body interested in the  
electoral process and monitoring the paper count, and then distribute  
them to interested members in the area.

Access is most difficult during the initial tally. Speaking again  
from Galway experience, access without tickets is often allowed  
during quiet periods - this has sometimes had the effect that people  
with tickets are not allowed re-entry later (or that those guarding  
the entrances don't give tickets on exit at times, though later  
requiring them). However, it also means that if you're just  
interested in seeing some of the work-a-day count process later in  
the day/weekend, you should probably be able to do so without a ticket.


On May 21, 2007, at 12:09 PM, Keith Martin wrote:

> Each candidate gets 15 tickets to the count.  Most will use theirs  
> up, but if you try some of the smaller candidates in your area  
> (independents, PDs, Greens, depending on where you are), they may  
> have tickets to spare.
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>> Just wondering if you folks know if it's possible
>> to get into to see any election counts this Friday.
>> How difficult is it? Do you have to be invited by
>> a candidate, or how does it work?
>> Thanks
>> Michael.
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