[E-voting] Re: a new voting system

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Thu May 24 09:33:12 IST 2007

Hi James & Peter:

> Just one clarification to that--the first attempt to do STV in PaV
> involved using the original RSA onions, and decrypting the whole thing
> to reveal the full plaintext ballot, 
That's what I was referring to, when I said "not very well". Being 
required to reveal the full plain-text
ballot would make the system vulnerable to pattern attacks, but if the 
system has been augmented
to deal with that, I'm very interested to learn about it.
> but the system I came up with
> recently (paper at CSF-20) uses a modification of the newer ElGamal
> version of PaV.
> That's important because it means it retains the advantages of the
> ElGamal version (on-demand printing, distributed ballot creation, etc.).
The counting rules for STV are relatively complicated. There are many 
decision points involved,
and multiple counting operations, all of which need to be verifiable 
independent of the voting authorities.
Do you have a paper, or other description of your system, that I can 
look at?


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