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Colm MacCarthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Thu Oct 4 00:00:04 IST 2007

Sorry for only catching up now, I've been stupidly busy :( I'm not sure
I see the need for a press release to be honest, E-voting is toast in
Ireland anyway, if it even smells like coming back we have some pretty
big bricks to lob in its directions. 

There's no point making the government defensive about it, they only get
even more stupid, especially when it's a point of tension between the
coalition partners, FF would make a point of having the Greens swallow
it. They'll abandon it officially eventually, but only on their own terms.

In the meantime, they're just wasting taxpayer money - and that's crazy
- but it's a political issue, for politicians to raise - not for us
e-voting experts imo. We don't have much to gain from a "told you so".

Anyway, if we do want to send one ... 

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 03:45:28PM +0100, Casey, Dermot (GE Money) wrote:

This is too anti-Bertie for me, it makes us seem highly partisan.

> In a remarkable volte face the Netherlands has scrapped electronic
> voting.  

I'd drop this line, we can't really editorialise like that and still
maintain a position of objectivity. Plus it's not true - and so is too
easy to counter :-)

> A commission set up by the Dutch Government late last year
> concluded that none of the evoting systems in use there -- including the
> Nedap system -- were suitable for use in national elections. Dutch
> investigations began after the Commission on Electronic Voting
> (CEV)refused to allow the Irish system based on the Dutch system to be
> used in Irish elections.

As ever, the first paragraph should hit home on our core message -
VVAT :-) That's the reason that the Dutch have abandonded these, 
and we should point that out.

> Irish Citizens for Trustworthy evoting (ICTE), the Irish Computer
> Society (ICS) and other independent experts forced the Government into
> establishing the Commission on Electronic Voting (CEV)in 2004 when they
> raised serious concerns about the flawed sytem the Government were
> planning to use in Irish elections. Despite a very restricted brief the
> CEV concluded that the exisitng paper system was superior to the
> electronic system and recommended against the use of the Irish system in
> future elections.

They only concluded that it was superior in some respects, this is also
very easy to counter. Stick to supportable facts!

> This puts a final nail in the coffin of any plans to resurrect
> electronic voting in the near future. 

We *definitely* can't say that.

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