[E-voting] Netherlands news, press release

David O'Callaghan david.ocallaghan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 12:43:39 IST 2007


The story was picked up by the Irish Times (although ICTE didn't get
any credit):


Parties urge Gormley to scrap e-voting

Adam Harvey and Stephen Collins

Thu, Oct 04, 2007

Opposition parties have called on the Government to scrap plans for
electronic voting after a Dutch judge ruled that the use of the
machines in recent elections in the Netherlands had not been properly

The Dutch maker of the machines, Nedap, had already suffered a setback
as a result of an official report in the Netherlands late last month
that criticised the transparency of e-voting.

Labour and Fine Gael say the developments should seal the fate of the
controversial scheme and have called on Minister for the Environment
John Gormley to scrap it.


Annoyingly, it ended with this:

The Independent Commission on Electronic Voting concluded last year
that Ireland's 7,500 voting machines were usable, subject to
modifications and further rigorous testing.

which tends to give the impression that they're not *that* bad.


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