[E-voting] Swiss Votes to Use 'Unbreakable' Code

David GLAUDE (PourEVA) dglaude at poureva.be
Sun Oct 14 21:15:20 IST 2007

This quantum cryptography usage in Swiss vote is pure marketting.

The only thing they secure is a single link between a counting site and 
the place were the result are accumulated.
The company/university spinoff providing the "encryptor" is from the 
country and plan to use it for marketting.
The eVoting promotor also use it in a way... saying they use to of the 
art technology.

Maybe it is important to encrypt this link... maybe it is not.
Even if it is, any other encryption would be good enough.

I believe that (except for vote secrecy) the encryption of this link is 
not usefull... The result of the election is not a secret. What is 
important is for the data not to be modified.

I really do not understand this fuzz/buzz.


Patrick OBeirne wrote:
> http://news.wired.com/dynamic/stories/V/VOTING_SECURITY
> Oct 11, 3:56 PM EDT
> Swiss Votes to Use 'Unbreakable' Code
> Associated Press Writer
> The city-state will use quantum technology to encrypt election results 
> as they are sent to the capital on Oct. 21, said Nicolas Gisin of the 
> University of Geneva.
> "If anyone tries to even read the message it will explode like a soap 
> bubble," said Gisin, the physics professor who led the team that 
> developed the technology.
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