[E-voting] Swiss Votes to Use 'Unbreakable' Code

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Mon Oct 15 17:11:02 IST 2007

David GLAUDE (PourEVA) wrote:
> This quantum cryptography usage in Swiss vote is pure marketting.
> The only thing they secure is a single link between a counting site 
> and the place were the result are accumulated.
> The company/university spinoff providing the "encryptor" is from the 
> country and plan to use it for marketting.
> The eVoting promotor also use it in a way... saying they use to of the 
> art technology.
> Maybe it is important to encrypt this link... maybe it is not.
> Even if it is, any other encryption would be good enough.
> I believe that (except for vote secrecy) the encryption of this link 
> is not usefull... The result of the election is not a secret. What is 
> important is for the data not to be modified.

> I really do not understand this fuzz/buzz.
Yes, you're absolutely right in all the above. The lesson to take from 
this, is that any secure
e-voting scheme, whether based on cryptography or not, must solve the 
problem *end to end*,
ie. from the point where the voters cast their votes, all the way to 
where the votes are counted.
What they are describing here is one particular component of a system, 
but not the system
in its entirety. In other words, this technology may well keep the votes 
secret while being
transmitted along the communications link, but it can't guarantee to 
keep them secret, before
and after transmission.

Also, whenever you see the word "unbreakable", it's time to get very 

- Michael.

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