[E-voting] Governance of Britain UK voting systems review

Dr J Pelan J.Pelan at gatsby.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Feb 1 01:24:30 GMT 2008

On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, Shane Hogan wrote:

> The Government has today published a review of voting systems which 
> examines the experiences of the different forms of elections introduced 
> over the last ten years in the UK.

Please preface articles with some origin/authorship information otherwise 
it can look like you are purporting to be the source. It is a good habit 
to develop if one is to attempt to avoid copyright lawsuits ;-) Your 
message was a UK Dept. of Justice press release from last week;


While the review was looking at 'systems of voting' (e.g. PR, FPTP etc.) 
rather than methods for vote counting (what some people might call 'voting 
systems') it does touch on electronic voting. One of the notable, if not 
disturbing points is that they seem to believe that the complexity of PR 
voting necessitates electronic counting. What form of counting that may be 
they do not detail.

In case anyone is interested in the 'systems of voting' angle, the 
Electoral Reform Society had two responses on the day;


John P.

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