[E-voting] Re: [European-evoting] Interesting ....

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Mon Jan 21 17:19:17 GMT 2008

Yes, it is pretty weird.  Some states run their primaries using the 
regular election officials, in other states they are run by parties.  
Maybe  "hybrid" regulations are common. 

It's hard to keep track of, and impossible to generalise.

In the case of NH, even looking at it as a purely private event, it's 
bad when they don't follow their own written rules, or when top state 
officials say one thing and then do another.

I really long for a good-news story about election administration.  Time 
after time there is great work being done by regular people and then you 
discover that there's a number of people behind the scenes completely 
destroying the integrity of the entire process.


Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 03:58:17PM +0000, Catherine Ansbro wrote:
>> Boxes that have been used & reused and have multiple old labels and "seals"
>> Boxes that are supposed (by law) to be transported by state troopers, 
>> but in fact, year after year, are transported by "Hoppy" and 
>> "Butch"--and they don't even their real names.
> Does federal or state election law really apply to primaries? Are they
> not just private events? How can a political party recruit the services
> of a state trooper (that would more worrying to me).

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