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I thought it might be worth an update on progress we made in Germany re eVoting.

This week (28 Oct), the German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe held
a hearing on the use of electronic voting machines used in the 2005
parliamentary elections. Formally, the case we filed is challenging
the validity of the 2005 parliamentary elections in municipalities
where voting computers have been used. We are disputing that the use
of Nedap voting machines is compliant with fundamental democratic
principles, like the transparency of election and the auditability of
the election result.

The hearing went very well, and the judges asked the right questions.
The election authorities were not able to explain how they would
notice if an election result had been tempered. The technical
certification authority was not able to convince the judges that the
seals on the electronic voting would prevent tampering, and two
technical experts (who in the past appeared to be in favour of
eVoting) stated  that neither software nor hardware manipulation can
be reliably detected.

A sentence is expected in approximately 3 months.

Just the fact that the court scheduled a hearing is indicating that
our complaint is taken serious. Of more than 6000 cases filed a year,
about 100 cases are accepted for decision, and for only about 10 a
hearing is scheduled.

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