[E-voting] Letter sent :-)

stan at voyager.ie stan at voyager.ie
Tue Feb 17 13:06:15 GMT 2009

Well done Colm.

Maybe it would be appropriate to wait until you get some sort of  
acknowledgement before going public.



Quoting "Colm MacCárthaigh" <colm at stdlib.net>:

> I've sent the letter on to all of the contacts I had for the group,
> I'll let you all know of any feedback. The final version sent is at;
> http://www.stdlib.net/~colmmacc/ICTE-SGPSNEP-letter.pdf
> Thanks again for all of your help :-) It would probably be bad form to
> re-send the letter to the press, but I may blog about it. Thoughts on
> that welcome.
> --
> Colm
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