[E-voting] Keep it free - Friday, May 1st

Joe McCarthy joe.mccarthy at arkaon.com
Fri Feb 20 10:35:17 GMT 2009

Hi All,

Isn't the woodwork fantastic...  We were all in there just watching and 
now we reappear...

We have been ploughing along with our FoI requests and all have now been 
resolved by the Commissioner - mostly in our favour.  Some important 
decisions were made by her on the basis of the public and the national 
interest in the material requested.

We have received all the original records including the initial 
research, the original tender from Powervote, the assessment by the 
Department and the contract.  We will try to find time to scan them onto 
the fiasco.ie website for all to see.

We have been asked by the Minister on a few occasions what should he do 
with the machines.  We will tell you what we replied when see you!

Looking forward to the get-together on 1st May.
Joe & Valerie

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