[E-voting] LIT e-voting trial

Margaret McGaley mmcgaley at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 21:02:49 IST 2010

A PhD student in LIT has developed an e-voting system with a "full
paper trail" (I don't know any more details than that). It's going to
be trialled at the student union elections there on the 26th of April.
I'll be heading down to watch. Would anyone like to join me?

He's also asked me to fill in a short survey about ICTE. Any thoughts
on any of the following questions?

How many members are there in your organization?

Identify the area(s) of e-Voting that your organisation is interested in?

Does your organisation have influence in any particular area of e-Voting?

What is the internal structure of your organisation? (Is there a core
group of key members that do most of the work?)

What are the key roles and responsibilities?

What areas of expertise are most prominent within the organisation?

What is the process for decision making / action taking within the organisation?

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