[E-voting] LIT e-voting trial (Margaret McGaley)

Margaret McGaley mmcgaley at cs.nuim.ie
Thu Apr 22 22:53:19 IST 2010

Good question John.

Damien says the following:

"The polling station opens in the main Foyer of the Art College at
10am. We'll be there setting up from 8am. I would be happy to give you
and anyone from the ICTE a private run through on the system either
before 10am of after 4pm."

BTW, thanks to both Catherine and Colm for their responses to the
questionnaire. (Did Colm's ever arrive on-list?)


On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 10:04 AM, John Bernard Lambe
<icte-jlambe at jlambe.com> wrote:
> Hi Margaret,
> I'd be interested in seeing the LIT student's voting system.
> What time of day is the election at?
> I agree with Catherine's answers to the questionnaire.
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>> A PhD student in LIT has developed an e-voting system with a "full
>> paper trail" (I don't know any more details than that). It's going to
>> be trialled at the student union elections there on the 26th of April.
>> I'll be heading down to watch. Would anyone like to join me?
>> He's also asked me to fill in a short survey about ICTE. Any thoughts
>> on any of the following questions?
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