[E-voting] E-voting machines to be scrapped

Joe McCarthy joe.mccarthy at arkaon.com
Fri Jun 29 18:27:23 IST 2012

Hello All,

The final phase of the evoting fiasco is at hand.

The Department of the Environment has sold the machines and all the 
ancillary equipment to KMK Recycling to be scrapped.  KMK have to remove 
two ICs first.

Kurt Kyck of KMK will make some machines available to interested parties 
(including us!) for a contribution towards their charity. We are looking 
forward to having our very own evoting setup after all these years.

Who got the huge profits from this fiasco?  We estimate a profit of 30m 
euros on this contract but Powervote Ireland only declared 6m euro.  
Where did the other 24m go?

The big remaining question after all these years is:

Cui bono?

Joe & Valerie

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