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Dear Margaret

Very good to hear from you and seasons greetings!

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> Germany

As far as I know, since the constitutional court ruling <http://www.jasonkitcat.com/2009/03/germany-rejects-e-voting-while-geneva-ploughs-on/> there has been no further movement in Germany.

> Estonia

The online voting system is still in use. However the government has changed as the ruling coalition collapsed due to a number of scandals. It was made up of the most pro-evoting parties.

The new prime minister and coalition is led by the Centre Party who were by far the most e-voting skeptic party. However that party is being rocked by division and a new bunch of modernisers have taken over who may not share quite the same level of skepticism.

A contact from Tallinn sent me his translation of the new coalition agreement on this topic. It says:

x We equalise the period of e-voting and pre-voting in (voters) residency polling stations.
x We guarantee/assure the safety/security and transparency of e-voting.
x We are working to create technical solutions to near pre-elections period to the polling day. 
I am making some enquiries as to whether we can do some work to review security/transparency of the Estonian system again.

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