[Sysadmins] Debian/Ubuntu Packaging and DKMS

Andrew Barnes andrewbarnes at ramsesit.com
Thu Aug 13 19:12:41 IST 2009

Hi all,

Just wondering, has anyone out there ever created a Debian/Ubuntu  
package that utilizes DKMS to build/install a kernel module?

I want to use DKMS as it means I don't have to keep manually building  
kernel modules and redistributing them every time a new version of a  
kernel comes out. It also covers custom kernels as well as other "user- 
I want to use Debian Packages because... well... it makes sense and  
is, imho, the right way to do it

Debian Packaging I *think* I've got down pat ;-)  It's trying to find  
a relatively straight-forward guide to DKMS && packaging that I'd be  
interested talking to someone about.

I continue to play around with this, but thought that someone out  
there might have done this before and could save me some time/gotchas/ 


Andrew Barnes

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