[Sysadmins] Old list, back, sort of :-)

Colm MacCárthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Tue Jul 7 16:16:13 IST 2009

Before SAGE-IE incorporated, and lists.sysadmin.ie came into being
(and incidentally, before the list server was compromised at least
once - but that's a different story) I used to host and run the
SAGE-IE mailing list, for free. I can't remember the exact
availability but it was damn near 100%.  I'm not sure what the level
of interest is, but if you have any interest in general and local
technical sysadmin related matters, I've restarted a list at:


it's a simple mailman list, hosted on the same system (well, new
hardware) as before. The main server administrators are two regular
sysadmin.ie speakers; myself and Colin Whittaker. We have some pretty
good spam defenses, and we've contributed to Exim, Mailman, NSD,
Spamassassin, Apache, Debian and Ubuntu - so literally each part of
the stack is covered - we should be able to keep it running and deal
with problems promptly :-)

Simple rules:

        * public archives
        * never charge ever, because we don't like having to deal with
        * If anyone wants to help, become a moderator or whatever,
they are welcome.
        * It would take very serious abuse to become moderated from the list.

if enough people can subscribe, we may be able to sustain a community
- for at least discussing and answering interesting technical
problems. If not, then no big deal - http://serverfault.com/ is pretty
cool. Bifurcations like this tend not to have great odds of success,
and other technical lists in Ireland have been waning (ie-nog, iiu and
so on) so maybe it's just the way of things - but it's worth a try in
my book. If you can't be bothered going through the mailman dance,
just reply to me - and I'll add you by hand.

Also: monthly mailman reminders have been turned off.


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