[Sysadmins] Reliable USB serial cable?

Nick Hilliard nick at netability.ie
Tue Jul 7 17:08:25 IST 2009

On 07/07/2009 16:59, Colm MacCárthaigh wrote:
> I'm determined to find a reliable USB<->  RS232 cable, that works on
> Windows, Linux and Mac - and immediately buy about 20 of them. It
> seems very hard to find specific chipset info on any of them, or
> compatibility. Has anyone managed to find one which has worked
> flawlessly for them?

I regularly use both the Keyspan "USA-19HS" (vendor 0x06cd, product 0x0121) 
and the ST-Lab "USB-SERIAL-4" (vendor 0x2303, product 0x067b), the former 
on my mac, and the latter on freebsd servers of various forms.

I've no idea how they perform on linux or windows, but both work quite 
satisfactorily for console cables.  I have heard people claim that the 
Keyspan does better at higher speeds, but I haven't personally tested it.


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