[Sysadmins] Eircom DNS

Gareth Eason gareth.eason at signal2noise.ie
Wed Jul 8 11:52:12 IST 2009

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Paul Jakma wrote:
> It would be good if OS providers shipped systems with local, 
> recursive, caching DNS resolvers enabled by default. DNSSec will make 
> that less important one day, but it's probably still a good few years 
> away.

	We (HEAnet) are rolling out a not insignificant amount of DNSSEC
secured zones at the moment. While we do try to stay ahead of the curve,
I'm not sure we're *years* ahead of it - except in IPv6... come on you
lot, hurry up and catch up ;-)

	Certainly agree re the simplicity and efficacy of using your own
recursing DNS resolver. It's simple to set up, it uses the well
established and well tested DNS hierarchy. I fail to see why anyone
would use anything else :)

	Best regards,

P.S. [Reply to All] on Thunderbird seems to categorically fail to reply
to more than the first address in the Reply-To header. Can someone else
verify the same strangeness perhaps and let me know if it's a
Thunderbird bug, a PaulJakma mail bug(tm) or just something odd with my
installation, please?

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