[Sysadmins] Contact from Eircom

Harry Duncan usr.src.linux at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 13:27:05 GMT 2009

On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 11:17 AM, FRLinux <frlinux at gmail.com> wrote:
> Could someone from Eircom get in touch with me. I have been trying to
> get a line opened in an apartment in Dublin City center for the last
> month. I keep being told to wait 10 days, that the engineers are
> working on it. Then every 10 days, I get told that there was a problem
> with the line and that they couldn't connect it. I wonder what you
> have to do to get this sorted...

Simple, call up Eircom and impersonate one of your neighbours, cancel
their service. Once the spare pair comes up in your area the engineers
will be dispatched to patch it in for your order. Until there is a
spare pair available or maybe 20 line orders for your building, you
are not going to see an engineer on your doorstep. They won't run a
new 30 pair cable down from the exchange to provide one additional
line, they'll just let your order sit until another customer cancels
service and provision you on their line.

Alternatively, phone up under 20 different assumed names and order new
service, give each name an alphabet letter after your house / apt
number, Mr Big, apt 15A, Mr Small, apt 15B. Once there are 20 line
orders up, then the big cable goes down and if you're vigilant, then
you can cancel the 20 additional orders before the appointment is made
to install them

The worst I had to wait in the city center was 6 months, and in that
case, I knew a neighbour was moving so I took over their lines and
moved the line myself rather than run the risk of the lines been
allocated to someone who was waiting longer than me for lines.

> So if anyone inclined to help me from Eircom could get back to me, I'd
> be happy to share my order number and account...

If it is what they call a "cable planning" issue, which basically
means there is no spare lines, then you're wasting your time talking
to Eircom. Political pressure has been known to work though. To
provide additional line capactity anywhere in the city usually
involves getting a permit from the council to dig a pavement, hiring
of contractors to do it and put it back (might only be a meter from
the nearest riser to your building. The problem for Eircom is that
after spending 4 grand on provisioning you with a line, the first
thing you're going to do is switch providers to smart and they'll have
shouldered the install expense for the minimal services return.



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