[Sysadmins] suggestions for (moderately) large mail server setup

murf murf at syndicate7.net
Tue Nov 17 17:12:25 GMT 2009


On Tue, 17 Nov 2009, Gavin McCullagh wrote:
> Calendaring isn't quite so standardised yet and not every web-based
> mail/calendaring solution seems to work with every server.  Calendar
> servers include:
> 	http://caldav.calconnect.org/implementations/servers.html

Ugh. Calendaring is a pain. Bedework might be an option, 
http://www.bedework.org/bedework/ , haven't run it yet, but it does just 
do calendaring without trying to do everything else.

> If anyone has the perfect CalDAV/CardDav/IMAP/Webmail/... setup that does
> everything you ever want without being a pain in other ways I'd dearly love
> to hear about it :-)

Well, I've been using Exim + clamav + spamassassin + qpopper + UW Imap, 
with squirrelmail for a while and am shortly moving to LDAP-backed 
exim+dovecot(pop3/imap)+squirrelmail+clamav+spamassassin. Calendaring is 
the bit I'm missing, but I find everything else runs rather well. I've 
only 50-100 users though :)


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