[Sysadmins] suggestions for (moderately) large mail server setup

Nick Hilliard nick at netability.ie
Tue Nov 17 17:50:03 GMT 2009

On 17/11/2009 16:10, Gavin McCullagh wrote:
> If anyone has the perfect CalDAV/CardDav/IMAP/Webmail/... setup that does
> everything you ever want without being a pain in other ways I'd dearly love
> to hear about it :-)

last i looked, exchange was the only thing that did mail, calendaring and 
contacts reasonably well.  You could add domino to this list too, but there 
are a lot of people who dislike domino even more than exchange.  It may be 
fashionable to complain that Exchange isn't open, but on the other hand, 
most systems will talk to Exchange somehow or another, as it's the dominant 
corporate mail server these days.

Of course, Exchange is going to be a whole pile of fun for 500-1000 users. 
  You should plan on spending lot$ of mon€y on licenses, servers and 
administrative overhead to actually get things working properly.  Exchange 
2008 won't run on a machine with less than 6G of RAM (I've tried that once 
for lulz, and lulz occurred in great quantity).  For that many users, 
you're talking about a lot more memory - maybe 24-48 gigs, depending on 
traffic, or perhaps multiple machines and an exchange forest.  All great 
fun to set up.  But it will cost you a very large amount of money indeed.

Haven't used os/x server for this sort of thing, but it looks like more of 
a piecemeal approach to the problem.  And from what i remember, the iCAL 
protocol stinks very badly.


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