[Sysadmins] suggestions for (moderately) large mail server setup

Nick Hilliard nick at netability.ie
Tue Nov 17 22:39:42 GMT 2009

Some minor comments:

On 17/11/2009 18:20, FRLinux wrote:
> [stupid amounts of RAM]
> Right, I know that is not bringing anything to the discussion but that
> is just ridiculous...

RAM is cheap.  A quad-core xeon dell poweredge R710 with 24G of DDR3 costs 
€2400.  Once you take into account the licensing costs and the costs to 
administer the system, this figure begins to look very small.

In fact, it will cost more than that to feed the server with electricity 
over a 3-5 year life-time in most data centres.  If you're planning to pay 
standard power rates at a data centre for anything, I would advise you to 
take the 30 seconds required to work out how much each watt costs annually. 
  It's not insignificant, and may make a substantial difference to the type 
of equipment you procure.

By unix standards, yes, 24G is an obscene amount of memory.

On 17/11/2009 18:13, Colin Whittaker wrote:
> How about outsourcing it to something like google apps.

This may be a good option.  Some people cite privacy concerns as a reason 
for going down this road.


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