[Sysadmins] Private DNS

David Malone dwmalone=sysadmin-ie at maths.tcd.ie
Wed Nov 18 11:51:56 GMT 2009

I've come accross two DNS questions, which I'm not sure of the
answer of, can can't turn up anything obvious by searching.

	1) Is there a domain that is the DNS equivelent of RFC 1918
	address space, for parking your local DNS information in?
	I can's see anything obvious in IANA or ICANN's list of
	TLDs and RFC 2606 doesn't mention any nor does

	If not, I presume it has been proposed and shot down, so
	it would be interesting to know what the main reasons for
	the shooting are.

	2) What's the current position of the ".local" domain used
	by a lot of mDNS stuff? Is it likely to be blessed or will
	it move to local.arpa, or something like that?

The reason I ask is because I'm trying to figure out what to do
with a network that is using ".local" as it's private DNS space,
which causes problems with mDNS hosts. It would seems sensible to
move it, but then I should move it to a place that won't cause
trouble in the future.


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