[Sysadmins] PAT testing...

Gareth Eason gareth.eason at signal2noise.ie
Tue Nov 24 12:36:10 GMT 2009


	In a question only slightly related to system administration, I'd be
interested in anyone who cares to respond in letting me know:

- Does anyone (or anyone's employer) do annual PAT testing in Ireland?
- Would anyone care to comment on whether it's a legal requirement in Ireland?

	Thus far I have been told that it *is* now a requirement in Ireland, but I've
only been told this by people wanting me to pay them to perform the service,
so a less biased opinion would be helpful  :)

	PAT testing, for those who are not in the know or have not worked with
electrics in the UK, is Portable Appliance Testing, where all portable
appliances (anything with an electrical plug on it) are tested and certified
annually for electrical safety.

	Any opinions, thoughts or comments welcome.

	Best regards,

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